Exercise Consultation*

Through our physician consultation, lab work, and metabolic cart, we are able to develop a detailed understanding of your current physical condition and your performance and weight goals. 

Overseen by a physician, our exercise physiologist will help identify the types of training best suited to meet your goals. Whether your aim is to be a distance runner, a weight lifter, a ballerina or simply to lose weight, we build an individualized exercise program to help you achieve that goal. If you have an established relationship with a physical trainer, we will consult with them to apply your individualized date to a current routine.

Fagan Sports and Lifestyle Medicine ensures that your fitness regimen works in tandem with a nutrition program that will deliver optimal performance and weight results. Each step in our process is designed to help you reach your optimal potential. 


David Ryan, MA, CSCS, USAW-L1SP is an Exercise Physiologist experienced in exercise testing, prescription, and body composition analysis. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as a Certified Sports Performance Coach through the United States Olympic Weight Lifting Team. His time in the Armed Forces instilled in him a sense of duty, maturity and responsibility. David works with our clients to help them achieve their fitness and body composition goals through the development of personalized exercise programs. This tailor-made approach results in a lifetime of achieving health and fitness goals. 


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