New Patient Registration Paperwork

The paperwork consists of 3 sections. You must complete all sections with a red *. If you click submit, and do not see a message confirming or “thanking” you for the submission, then please scroll up and review what section was not completed. Paperwork is not submitted unless you get the confirmation message. You will receive 1 for each section , so 3 total. Thank you! 

*Please note: There is a $50 cancellation policy if you do not notify us within 24 hours of your appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule*

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Name of Primary Care Physician (PCP)
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When did your symptoms start?
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Patient Medical History

SECTION 2: Medical History  (please make sure you click submit above and get a confirmation prior to moving forward with section2 below)

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Authorization/HIPAA Form

SECTION 3: Authorization/HIPAA  (please make sure you click submit above and get a confirmation prior to moving forward with section3 below)

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Appointment Date
Patient and/or Guarantor are responsible for charges incurred. It is a courtesy for our office to file your insurance; however, you are responsible for your co-pay and /or percentage, which the insurance company is not liable for , on the day of your visit. In the event your insurance company has not paid within 60days, you may be responsible for the balance due. It is also the patient's responsibility to obtain referrals for your primary care physician when required. If the referral is not obtained before the visit, the patient is liable for payment in full on the date of service. If we are unable to obtain payment within a reasonable amount of time of the patient and /or guarantor we will place your account with a collection agency which will leave you liable for additional expenses incurred if applicable. Fagan LLC , reserves the right to CHARGE for NO SHOW APPOINTMENTS, as well as appointments cancelled without 24hours advance notice. If notice is not given in time, or not at all, then the patient may be charged a fee of $35.00. We may draw labs here at our office should the need arise. If this option becomes available, there is a $10 lab draw fee for our office to be paid at time of service. This is a non-billable charge to insurance. Should you request consultation with either Physician via the phone; a phone consultation charge will be billed to you. The fee ranges from $15-$45 for the length of the call.
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Note of Privacy Practices
Notice of Privacy Practices I acknowledge that I have received a written copy of the Fagan , LLC Notice of Privacy Practices. I also acknowledge that I have been allowed to ask questions concerning this notice and my rights under this notice. I understand that this form will be a part of my record until such time as I may choose to revoke acknowledgement. If I am not the patient, I represent that I am authorized by law to act for and on the patient’s behalf. Please list your PCP’s name if you would like for your notes to be sent to their office as well. In accordance with Fagan Sports Medicine’s notice of Privacy Practices, I herein request/authorize the release of my protected health information to the following people:
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