Fagan Sports Medicine is the only comprehensive sports medicine center in Birmingham, Alabama and is located right here in Homewood!  Dr. Fagan not only treats sports related injuries, overuse injuries, and simple fractures but also focus on prevention of these injuries.  More recently Fagan Sports Medicine has added a performance and lifestyle enhancement component.  This includes measurement of lean muscles mass and body fat composition (BODPOD), determination of caloric needs for peak performance or for weight loss by assessment of your personal metabolic rate (RMR) which is more accurate than that provided with calculation , and determination of appropriate HR zone for training or weight loss with VO2 MAX testing.  Lactate threshold testing is also available for the more serious athlete.  Physician consultation which is comprehensive in its scope may determine, based on your symptoms and goals, that lab studies are needed to assess hormone levels, thyroid and adrenal function, gut function, micronutrient levels, or a vast array of other labs.  A dietitian is on site to help assure that you are fueling appropriately to perform optimally or assist in dietary and lifestyle changes to help you reach your weight loss goals.  In addition, for those exercise and diet resistant areas of fat Coolsculpting, the FDA cleared non-invasive fat reduction is on site.

Fagan Sports Medicine is honored to help you reach your performance, fitness, and wellness goals!