Patient Populations Seen by Physicians

  • Drs. Fagan and Lal specialize in the treatment of SPORTS MEDICINE and Musculoskeletal Pain and Injuries.
  • They DO NOT treat CHRONIC PAIN.
  • They DO NOT treat WORKMAN COMPENSATION Injuries.
  • A physical copy of your insurance card is required at the time of your appointment.
  • Copays are required at the time of your appointment in accordance with your insurance policy

Information Requested if You Have Previously Seen Another Physician for Same Problem

  • MEDICAL RECORDS, TEST and STUDY RESULTS (that are related to your current problem) from any physician or medical care specialist you have seen for the problem within the past year.
  • Ideally we should have these reports prior to your visit (contact the physician’s office to have them sent to us)
  • We will need any/all studies that you have had performed related to the problem- x-rays/ MRIs/ nerve studies/etc.  We will need the reports and the actually films/disc in the case of x-rays and MRIs. You may bring these at the time of your office visit.

Narcotic Policy

  • Dr. Fagan and Dr. Lal WILL NOT CALL in NARCOTICS!   DO NOT ASK!
  • If you do not like this policy DO NOT COME TO THIS OFFICE!
  • Do not harass the office staff- it will not make Dr. Fagan or Dr. Lal change their mind!
  • A refill on a controlled substance requires an office visit. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Lab Services

  • Blood work as part of your evaluation is occasionally recommended by our doctors
  • As a courtesy to our patients we offer onsite LAB DRAW.  There is a $10 FEE.
  • Please know you always have the option of going to an outside lab for this service.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

  • Fagan Sports Medicine has DME onsite- braces, CAM walkers, crutches, etc.
  • Insurance will typically provide coverage for some but not all of these products.
  • Products not covered by insurance:  payment in full is necessary at time of purchase.
  • Products covered by insurance:  a co-pay of 20% is requested up front.  Occasionally full coverage is provided by insurance and a refund is provided.
  • RETURN POLICY:  once the brace leaves the office you have 24 hours to return the brace.  It must be returned with its original packaging.  Please MAKE SURE THE BRACE FITS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE OFFICE.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you are unable to make your appointment please contact our office within 24 hours of your appointment.
  • If there are special circumstances please contact our office to discuss.

Payment Policy

  • CO-PAYS are due at TIME OF APPOINTMENT.  This is a requirement of your insurance company and it our legal obligation as part of our contract with your insurance company to collect this money.
  • Payments on BALANCES ON YOUR ACCOUNT will be requested at time of your appointment if prior payment arrangements have not been made with our office.

Timely Appointments

  • Dr. Fagan and Dr. Lal RESPECT YOUR TIME.  They make every effort to stay on time but a lot of that depends on you.
    • Time was allotted for the problem you scheduled
    • If you feel the need to add additional problems remember there was no time allotted so this is what will happen:
      • It will be added and put the physician behind (other patients will have to wait)
      • It will be added and you will have to wait (you will now be considered a work-in)
      • It will now replace your original problem and you can reschedule your original problem
      • It can wait and be rescheduled for another time
      • We appreciate your understanding in this matter and will do our best to be on time for your appointment.

Reason We Schedule Follow-up Appointments to Discuss/Review Study Results

  • Although very rare there is always the possibility you could have a serious findings such as bone cancer- this is not something you want discussed with you over the phone.
  • If a follow up appointment is scheduled there is never the possibility that you will not hear back from our office about your study results.
  • If a study is ordered obviously we (the doctor and you the patient) feel the condition warrants further evaluation.  This also means based on the findings of the study a new treatment plan must be devised.  The follow up office visit to discuss the results of the study is designed to develop the new treatment plan based on the findings of the study results (even if they are normal). This is not something that is done over the phone.