Happy 2020!

2019 has been another exciting year for us at Fagan Sports Lifestyle Medicine!

We’ve got some new faces in the clinic, most notably Rachel Vines, Physicians Assistant.  Rachel has been with us just a few short months and is already making a tremendous impact on our clinic.  Having Rachel is allowing us to see acute sports injuries faster and allowing Dr. Fagan’s schedule to continue to diversify.  We’ll talk more about that in a minute!

We’ve also got some new faces in our support staff.  We’ve had several members move on for schooling and family reasons.  Hopefully you’ve had a chance to meet Tanae, our newest member as well as Richelle who has been with us since March 2019 and Sarah who celebrated her one year anniversary with us in December! https://www.fagansportsmedicine.com/about/staff/

We’re excited to be sending Rachel to “Coolsculpt University” in March 2020 where she will get more hands on training with the Coolsculpt treatment process.  Having both Rachel and Dr. Fagan available to do Coolsculpt treatments will make scheduling Coolsculpt with us a lot easier and faster. Yay!


As I mentioned earlier with Rachel helping relieve some of the scheduling burden on Dr. Fagan, Dr. Fagan is able to continue to see Sports Medicine patients while also continuing to grow the Lifestyle Medicine side of the practice.  One of the areas we’ve seen the most excitement from our patients in Lifestyle Medicine is hormone replacement therapy with bio-identical hormone pellets instead of creams, patches, and injections.  Other common appointment types for Lifestyle Medicine are symptoms of fatigue, thyroid issues, gut issues, food sensitives, and more

Learn more about hormone replacement therapy on our website

In 2019 we added Ann Stalvey to the team to do nutrition consults for us.  Ann is an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  Many in Homewood know her as one of the running coaches at Resolute Running.  She has been a great addition to the team and patients love her!  Whether your interest is losing weight or making sure you are fueling properly for your big event and training, she is a valuable resource!  We have 3 month nutrition packages available or you can pay per visit, $50 per half hour.  You can learn more about the different nutrition packages online on our website.

We launched our new website this year which we feel does a much better job of detailing the various products and services we offer.  We have enjoyed engaging with you all on social media.  If you don’t already “like” and “follow” our Facebook page, we encourage you to do.  Some special sales and urgent accouterments are easier to get on Facebook first.  Just three years ago we had about 700 people “like” our page.  As of this writing we just surpassed 1800!  Like and follow our facebook

We started carrying CBD in our office and our patients have seen tremendous results!  We offer topical cream, oral liquid, and oral capsules.  CBD has been shown to help with sleep, generalized anxiety, and aches and pains.  Not all CBD is the same!  The brand we carry is certified by the US Hemp authority and is full spectrum CBD.  CBD can be bought in our office or online on our website.  Check out our dedicated webpage to learn more about CBD

We’ve also expanded our offering of supplements and created an online dispensary of our more common supplements for your convenience.

We are super excited about 2020 and look forward to sharing great things with you!