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Foods That Support Your Health During Menopause

Menopause can present differently in different women. For some, it’s a quiet transition; for others, it’s a frustrating and unpleasant roller coaster. And there are many shades of gray (and degrees of sweat) in-between. Common symptoms of menopause include [click for full article]

Black Friday Specials start MONDAY Nov 18th 20% off supplements, CBD, Gift Certificates…

Our office hours are going to be fluid starting on Monday
As we approach the holidays our schedule is always a moving target as people are leaving town and preparing for the holidays.  We try our best to optimize our time and yours.  Beginning on Monday we will begin scheduling from the morning onward and close early depending on the schedule.  
Please call to check our anticipated schedule for that day.

Blue Friday Special!

Blue Friday Special!
Forget Black Friday – We’re having a Blue Friday Special
Friday November 8th, 10am-2pm
Come and go as you please
Get a free assessment and consultation.
Take advantage of our normal discounts PLUS this limited time offer from Brilliant Distinctions <CLICK HERE> to get $1000 off your total package deal!

This is a little different from our normal Coolsculpt Patient Seminar.  This will go on all afternoon from 10am – 2pm.  No appointment necessary.  Just come in, tell us you’re here for the Blue Friday Special and you’ll be directed down the hall to our consult room.

Please RSVP via the link below so we know how many to expect

Hormone questions?
Been curious about hormone replacement therapy?
Estrogen and Testosterone hormone replacement therapy is available for Men and Women.
Check out some videos about pellets versus creams, patches, and injections here:
Call us with questions!  205-879-8206, option 4 for the manager
Same Day appointments available for Sports Medicine Patients!
With the addition of Rachel, our Physician Assistant, we are now able to open up spots for same day Sports Medicine appointments. If you twisted your ankle last night, we can get you in today!  Many of you have already met her and we are SO excited to have her on our team!  Call 205-879-8206 option 1 for scheduling
Right now this is only for Blue Cross patients but will soon be for all insurance carriers we currently service.

Rachel Vines now seeing Blue Cross Patients!

Happy PA week Rachel!
Rachel is now seeing Blue Cross patients!
Rachel, our Physicians Assistant, and newest member of our team is now seeing Blue Cross patients!  [Important to note, at this time she cannot see Medicare plans with Blue Cross supplemental insurance]

This means if you have Blue Cross and you have an acute injury Rachel can see you within 24 hours, usually same day!   Look for more information coming soon about what as PA is and more information about Rachel coming soon

End of summer yet?

Local news said the other day that we’ve already broken a record for hottest October in the HISTORY of record keeping for the state of Alabama.  Continue to hydrate!
But cooler weather is around the corner, hang in there!
A little Housekeeping
If you have a balance on your account, you are encouraged to pay it as soon as possible.  Collections have been outsourced and are no long handled in office.  Your fourth statement will be notifying you that you’re account will be sent to collections, from then on it is between you and the collections company.
We understand that insurance and deductibles can be confusing but we’re still a small business and carrying balances is something we cannot afford to do.  We appreciate your understanding!
Now offering CBG in addition to CBD
We are now carrying CBG in our office in addition to CBD.  You can read more about CBG here: Click LINK
In short: CBG enhances the “entourage effect” of CBD when used in tandem with CBD.
We also have some unflavored CBD sampler size bottles on the way to our office.  Some of you have expressed interest in the unflavored oral liquid so we’re going to give it a try.  It’s our understanding that it tastes similar to hemp.
Remember you can always shop online on our virtual CBD store and order CBD topical, all oral flavors, all sizes, and the new CBG.  Click HERE for our online store.

If you are a member of the Birmingham Track Club, hopefully you saw in last month’s BTC newsletter that you get 20% off all CBD products in Sept and October.  You’ve only got a couple weeks left to take advantage!

Another Coolsculpt Special in partnership with Brilliant Distinctions – ask us about getting $1000 off!
Brilliant Distinctions is rolling out another special offer on coolsculpting.  Get the $500 off voucher here
Call us to learn how to get $1000 off your next treatment! 205-879-8206