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Can a Man Boost His Fertility Through Diet?


Among men’s health issues, infertility may not be top of mind. Yet it has become a major health issue in recent decades for women and men alike. In the United States alone, about 4 million men seek help for fertility issues every year. [click for full article]

Supplements and CBD Sale

20% off CBD and supplements! Here how it works:
Call 205-879-8206, option 4 with your phone number and what you would like to order.  We’ll call you for payment, the call will either be from our office phone number or from our office manager’s cell phone to collect payment and verify mailing address.  We will then MAIL you the supplements and/or CBD AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
Supplements of particular importance:

Zinc—one of the ingredients in IODINE+—has been shown to reduce the severity of respiratory illness. Zinc may improve the integrity of respiratory cells by protecting them from inflammation and infection. (Molecular Physiology 2006;290:433-441)

BioTE® ADK 5 &10

Vitamin D is essential in maintaining the innate and adaptive immune responses. ( If your patients have a deficiency in vitamin D, they will have an increase in susceptibility to infection. Although the mechanism is not clearly established, vitamin D is known to have anti-viral effects. In 2017, a large prospective trial showed taking vitamin D can reduce the odds of developing respiratory infections by approximately 42%. (BMJ 2017;356:6583)  


We all know that our gastrointestinal tract is important to our overall immune system health. Probiotics, as recommended in the BioTE Method, can help improve a person’s health by up-regulating their immune function. There are clinical trials that have shown probiotics reducing acute respiratory infections—many of which are caused by viruses. (  
Other supplements on sale:
DIM, Methyl B vitamins, Adrenal Cortex, Poly Resveratrol, L-Glutamine, Berberine, Betaine, LivDetox
Oral CBD: Berry and Lemon, CBG (enhances the effect of CBD)
Topical CBD
What we are doing right now:
Our office is continuing to stay open and follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19.
We are making daily adjustments to our schedule to accommodate a lot of cancellations and large gaps in our schedule.  That being said, most days we are finishing clinic and closing around noontime.  

This week:

So far this week we have already made the following schedule adjustments:
Closed: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Open: Tuesday and Thursday.  We are scheduling from the morning onward to better consolidate our schedules.

The future:
As you know things are changing day to day.  We’re making adjustments daily to our schedule based on the number of appointments we have to see.  If you have an appointment with us in the coming weeks, we ask that you be flexible and understand we may call you to move your appointment to earlier in the day or to another day.

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Alcohol After a Workout


It’s a familiar scene in championship locker rooms – athletes and coaches celebrating a victory by spraying champagne and beer everywhere. Athletics and alcohol have been linked for ages, but does this “work hard, play hard” mentality negatively affect performance? [click for full article]

Making Sense of Menopause: Basic FAQs


Although menopause is a transition that happens for all women, it remains a mystery for many. This is partly because the transition is not always black and white. Some women experience its obvious signs and symptoms, while others don’t. [click for full article]

2019 Year in review!

Happy 2020!

2019 has been another exciting year for us at Fagan Sports Lifestyle Medicine!

We’ve got some new faces in the clinic, most notably Rachel Vines, Physicians Assistant.  Rachel has been with us just a few short months and is already making a tremendous impact on our clinic.  Having Rachel is allowing us to see acute sports injuries faster and allowing Dr. Fagan’s schedule to continue to diversify.  We’ll talk more about that in a minute!

We’ve also got some new faces in our support staff.  We’ve had several members move on for schooling and family reasons.  Hopefully you’ve had a chance to meet Tanae, our newest member as well as Richelle who has been with us since March 2019 and Sarah who celebrated her one year anniversary with us in December!

We’re excited to be sending Rachel to “Coolsculpt University” in March 2020 where she will get more hands on training with the Coolsculpt treatment process.  Having both Rachel and Dr. Fagan available to do Coolsculpt treatments will make scheduling Coolsculpt with us a lot easier and faster. Yay!

As I mentioned earlier with Rachel helping relieve some of the scheduling burden on Dr. Fagan, Dr. Fagan is able to continue to see Sports Medicine patients while also continuing to grow the Lifestyle Medicine side of the practice.  One of the areas we’ve seen the most excitement from our patients in Lifestyle Medicine is hormone replacement therapy with bio-identical hormone pellets instead of creams, patches, and injections.  Other common appointment types for Lifestyle Medicine are symptoms of fatigue, thyroid issues, gut issues, food sensitives, and more

Learn more about hormone replacement therapy on our website

In 2019 we added Ann Stalvey to the team to do nutrition consults for us.  Ann is an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  Many in Homewood know her as one of the running coaches at Resolute Running.  She has been a great addition to the team and patients love her!  Whether your interest is losing weight or making sure you are fueling properly for your big event and training, she is a valuable resource!  We have 3 month nutrition packages available or you can pay per visit, $50 per half hour.  You can learn more about the different nutrition packages online on our website.

We launched our new website this year which we feel does a much better job of detailing the various products and services we offer.  We have enjoyed engaging with you all on social media.  If you don’t already “like” and “follow” our Facebook page, we encourage you to do.  Some special sales and urgent accouterments are easier to get on Facebook first.  Just three years ago we had about 700 people “like” our page.  As of this writing we just surpassed 1800!  Like and follow our facebook

We started carrying CBD in our office and our patients have seen tremendous results!  We offer topical cream, oral liquid, and oral capsules.  CBD has been shown to help with sleep, generalized anxiety, and aches and pains.  Not all CBD is the same!  The brand we carry is certified by the US Hemp authority and is full spectrum CBD.  CBD can be bought in our office or online on our website.  Check out our dedicated webpage to learn more about CBD

We’ve also expanded our offering of supplements and created an online dispensary of our more common supplements for your convenience.

We are super excited about 2020 and look forward to sharing great things with you!

Next Coolsculpt Patient Seminar Date announced!

March 5th at 12:00pm and 5:15pm

Two patient seminars on March 5th!

Coolsculpt NOW for results for the spring!

There will be a patient seminar presented by Dr Fagan and our Coolsculpt rep. We’ll talk all about the Coolsculpt technology. We’ll raffle off one free treatment. Free assessments and consultations provided to all attendees.
Discounts available to all attendees who schedule within 60 days of the event!
Light snacks provided

See our Facebook event to RSVP: CLICK HERE

The Link Between Your Liver And Muscle Health


“If you take care of your liver, then your liver will take care of your muscles.” I doubt that’s something your mother ever told you. But it’s true! And so is the reverse – paying attention to the health and strength of your muscles will likewise make your liver healthier. [click for full article]


It’s that time of year when a lot of deductibles start over.  We know this can be scary when unexpected events and expenses come up.

Many of our patients enjoy using Care Credit as a means to fill that gap.

There are many finance options such as 6 months no interest.  Be sure and read the fine print to make sure it’s a good fit for you